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Sea Turtle Conservation Tour

Sea Turtle Conservation Tour

Our guests can participate in the Sea Turtle Protection Tour, which must be booked in advance. This tour departs at 9:30 p.m., and returns at around 12 midnight. Contrary to the tours in Tortuguero, in Barra de Pacuare they have a more scientific approach, where the priority is the study of species, rather than them becoming an attraction for tourists.
Barra de Pacuare is one of the most important areas as a nesting site for sea turtles. Compared with Tortuguero, which is a little further north, in Pacuare Bar there are three species that are the most frequent: Loggerhead, Green Sea Turtle, and the Hawksbill. You can see more Leatherback Turtles than in Tortuguero, perhaps a little less Green Turtles.
Our visit site is the incredible Reserva Pacuare, located in front of the lodge.
Under the supervision of two marine biologists, small groups of volunteers, a guide, and our guards patrol the beach every night. Each turtle we find is marked (if it has not already been marked), it is measured and examined for any wound or another particular trait.
If the turtle has already spawned, we try to disguise or camouflage the nest to protect it from eggcups. If they have not yet spawned and made the nest very close to the sea, we collect the eggs in a plastic bag while spawning and then placed in an artificial nest that we dig in a safer place. We do this because when we make contact with salt water, the shell of the eggs loses its porosity and the pups die.
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