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Tortuguero Canals in Costa Rica

The Tortuguero canals are an extensive network of river canals that run along the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica from Moin to Barra del Colorado, passing through Pacuare, Parismina, and Tortuguero. The area is a region with enormous value in species of flora and fauna, conserving extensive tropical forests and tropical rainforests.

The canals can be explored by boat, even the area itself is accessible only by boat since there are no roads that reach the canals. This makes them an even more important natural treasure. In the forests around the canals live many species, such as the Jaguar, the Tapir, the Puma, Ocelot, three species of monkeys, deer, raccoons, raccoons and hundreds of bird species, as well as thousands of species of insects, numerous species of amphibians and reptiles.

Lirio Lodge is located in the part of Barra de Pacuare of the Tortuguero  Canals, an area that you has remained almost intact for 40 years. It offers the same attractions as the town of Tortuguero, but the area is much more virgin and authentic. From Lirio Lodge you will be able to explore various habitats of the TORTUGUERO CANALS, such as a boat tour along the canals, a wetland boat tour, a guided walk in the Pacuare Reserve, Night Tours as well as a visit to the village of Barra de Pacuare.