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Volunteering projects Tortuguero Costa Rica

Volunteering projects Tortuguero Costa Rica

Lirio Lodge lends itself perfectly for volunteer projects, since it is an area that is very oriented to environmental conservation, by the abundant NGOs that are in the area, and also by the real needs of the locals, especially the people of the town of Pacuare Bar.

Here are two examples of volunteer activities we do frequently:


Departure at 2:30 pm by boat. Collect plastic waste in front of the school of Barra de Pacuare, mainly plastic waste. These are packed in bags to be recycled later. At 17:00 we return to the hotel. Each participant is provided with a sturdy garden trash bag, protective gloves for each collector. At the exit, the collected waste will be delivered to the Municipality of Matina, who will recycle it. The garbage collected is mostly plastic trash that is dragged from the sea to the beach.


Beach tour at night. Joint the patrol with biologists and volunteers of the marine turtle protection association. The distance is of 1.6 kilometers of beach to be patrolled in two hours. Departure from the hotel by boat at 9:30 PM, at 10 PM explanation of the concept of the nursery and then hike one hour to cover 1.6 kilometers and then 1.6 kilometers back to get back to the hotel by 11:30 PM.